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Old 12-23-2013
Oracle LDAPSEARCH Return NULL User Attributes

Using ldapsearch to return entries from OID for specific attributes. However, if an attribute is null the field value is not returned.

Is there anyway to force ldap to return field names in all cases?

ldapsearch -T -v -h aaaaa -p 111 -D "cn=orcladmin" -w "xxxx" -L -b "cn=Users,dc=apps,dc=domain,dc=com," -s subsub "(uid=X123456)" "objectclass=*" givenname sn mail uid orclguid

dn: cn=x123456,cn=users,dc=apps,dc=domain,dc=com
givenname: Ender
sn: Wiggin
uid: X123456
orclguid: 1234BC233232GH23232

Notice the missing mail. However, what I want is:
dn: cn=x123456,cn=users,dc=apps,dc=domain,dc=com
givenname: Ender
sn: Wiggins
uid: X123456
orclguid: 1234BC233232GH23232

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