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Passwordless Authentication and Anonymous login

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Old 12-17-2013
Oracle Passwordless Authentication and Anonymous login


I am in the process FTPing some of my report files from my production server to another FTP server through batch/Shell Script.
This is working fine with the password less authentication.

Once i place all my report files in the ftp server the end users need to download files from ther which is prompting for the user name/password of the FTP Server.

Can anyone please help me how to enable the anonymous loging in the ftp server for a particular directory. I am not sure but found something like by changing the ProFTPD.conf file it is possible to enable the anonymous login.

Any help/code/supported links in this regard is deeply appreciated.


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Old 12-17-2013
If it is ProFTP you are using, there is a sample configuration for anonymous access here:
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Old 12-17-2013


Thanks for the Help, But i am not sure which part i need to comment for enabling the password less access.

Thanks Again.
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Old 12-17-2013
It is this part
# set the base directory, in this case the user ftp's home directory:
<Anonymous ~ftp>

  # Allow logins if they are disabled above.
  <Limit LOGIN>

  # Maximum clients with message
  MaxClients            5 "Sorry, max %m users -- try again later"

  User                ftp
  Group                ftp
  # We want clients to be able to login with "anonymous" as well as "ftp"
  UserAlias            anonymous ftp

  # Limit WRITE everywhere in the anonymous chroot
  <Limit WRITE>

  # An upload directory that allows storing files but not retrieving
  # or creating directories.
  <Directory uploads/*>
    <Limit READ>

    <Limit STOR>

Does that help?

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