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Old 12-18-2013
Originally Posted by newbie2014
Thanks for your valuable time and the workaround. This will compel me to learn perl. No issues.

Is there any ways to have a workaround using unix shell commands?
Many thanks!
I'm not sure what you mean. Please give a few examples of what you think unix shell commands are -- the usual *nix / Solaris utilities, or shell built-in commands, or something else ... cheers, drl
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Old 12-19-2013
Soory if i can not make you understand clearly. I wanted to know if we can achieve the expected output with some other way thru shell scripting. Using commands like diff or if there is any other unix command.

Perl language is new to me.

let me give a try downloading the file and do a
 ./ < (sort file1) < ( sort file2) > output.txt

and see if it works.

Thanks once again for giving your valuable time.

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