Bash - Nesting if statement in for loop

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Bash - Nesting if statement in for loop

I have the basic command written in bash

 for element in 1 2
    if [[ $element == '1' ]]; then
      set el = "t"
      set el = "p"

but i get the following error

syntax error near unexpected token `for'
`   for element in 1 2'

What should i do differently?
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to compare integer do like this

if [ "$element" -eq "1" ]; then

for string if [ "$element" == "1"]; then

for element in 1 2; do 
if [ "$element" == "1" ]; then

it's good to use double quotes while comparing

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Running your snippet with set -vx in bash, I get
+ for element in 1 2
+ [[ 1 == \1 ]]
+ set el = t
+ for element in 1 2
+ [[ 2 == \1 ]]
+ set el = p

so - no error message, code behaves as expected. It there more/other lines before for that may interfere?
# 4  
for el in t p

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