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Old 12-05-2013
Thanks Akshay!
Could you please explain your script a little bit more?
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Old 12-05-2013
Originally Posted by yifangt
Thanks Akshay!
Could you please explain your script a little bit more?

/^>/ ? ---> check whether line begins with > if yes then following
NR == 1 ? ---> check whether it's first line of file if yes print line and Row separator$0--->line RS -->\n if it's not first line print row separator line and again row separatorRS--->\n $0--->line RS -->\n.
if line does not begin with > then remove space in line gsub(/[[:space:]]/,x) and print complete line $0 without any field separator which combines your n number of rows into one row.
END{printf RS} ---> at the end print "\n"
RS --> \n --> By default

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Old 12-05-2013
Yes, that space was in your input file. If you can't make sure there are no unwanted spaces in input, use a gsub like Akshay Hegde does.
If you are afraid of TAB chars in your first line, use another placeholder char like
awk 'BEGIN{RS=">"} NR>1 {sub("\n","\001"); gsub("\n",""); sub ("\001","\n"); print RS$0}' file

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Old 12-05-2013
The new version is less brain-twisting but with a bug, which is a number is always prefixed to the sequence lines:
>YAL069W-1.334 Putative promoter
>YAL068C-7235.2170 Putative ABC sequence
>gi|31044174|gb|AY143560.1| Tintinnopsis

Never used printf() combined with condition unary. I re-wrote it as:
awk '{ printf (/^>/ ? (NR == 1 ? $0 RS : RS $0 RS) : gsub(/[[:space:]]/,$0) $0) }' infile.fasta

The printf () and the x variable confused me very much.
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Old 12-05-2013
Use first one, Sorry I didn't notice it.

awk '/^\</{gsub(/[[:space:]]/,x)}{printf /^>/? NR == 1 ? $0 RS : RS $0 RS : $0}END{printf RS}'

gsub(/[[:space:]]/,x) --> if line contains space replace it with x since x is not set it's null so it just removes space you can use gsub(/[[:space:]]/,y)gsub(/[[:space:]]/,z) or even just gsub(/[[:space:]]/,"")

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Old 01-01-2014

Hope this may help also for same.

awk '!/^>/ {f=f$1}  /^>/ {print f"\n"$0; f=""} END{print f}' file_name

Output will be as follows.

>YAL069W-1.334 Putative promoter
>YAL068C-7235.2170 Putative ABC sequence
>gi|31044174|gb|AY143560.1| Tintinnopsis

Where input file is:

>YAL069W-1.334 Putative promoter
>YAL068C-7235.2170 Putative ABC sequence
>gi|31044174|gb|AY143560.1| Tintinnopsis

R. Singh

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Old 01-01-2014
This is cool too!
Happy New Year!!!
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