Count occurrence of string in a column using awk

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Old 12-03-2013
OK, then replace if ( rmin[k] != rmax[k] ) with if ( A[k] > 2 ) in the code that I posted.

Here is what I got for below input:
get1 345 789 098
get2 567 982 090
fet4 777 610 632
get1 800 544 230
get1 600 788 451
get2 892 321 243
get1 673 111 235
fet3 789 220 278
fet4 768 222 341

4 get1 345 789 098
4 get1 600 788 451
1 fet3 789 220 278
2 get2 567 982 090
2 fet4 768 222 341

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