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Old 11-29-2013
Help with logic

I am on solaris and i have this piece of code.

sqlplus -s $ARBOR_USR/$ARBOR_DB_PASSWD@$ORACLE_SID<<EOF>$CUR_DIR/sql_output.txt
set feedback off
set heading off
select distinct account_no from adj  WHERE ADJ_TRANS_CODE=-2401 and request_status=1 and bill_ref_no=0
order by account_no;

if [ $? -eq 0 ]
echo " SQLPLUS Connection Successful "
echo " SQLPLUS Connection Failed "

##echo " The account numbers passed to   BIP are  "

if [  ! -s  "$CUR_DIR/sql_output.txt" ]
echo "No account number for bad debt"
for i in `cat $CUR_DIR/sql_output.txt`
sqlplus -s $ARBOR_USR/$ARBOR_DB_PASSWD@$ORACLE_SID<<EOF1>$CUR_DIR/sql_interim.txt
select $i,trunc(sysdate),1,trunc(sysdate),0,0 from dual;

echo "bip $i is running"
sh  $SCRIPT_DIR/ 01 0 $i >  $CUR_DIR/bip_log_1.txt
sleep 200

I want to insert the account number into CMF_INTERIM_BILLS.TRACKING_ID,TRACKING_ID_SERV columns are composite primary key in the table CMF_INTERIM_BILLS.

The logic behind this is that
Only 1 row is to be inserted into CMF_INTERIM_BILLS table then the script runs for a particular account number .When the runs the entry for that particular account number
is deleted from CMF_INTERIM_BILLS automatically.

How to implement this logic? Please correct my above code.
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Old 11-29-2013
The usual solution is to write a script to generate you SQL for the insert. If you insert ... select ... UNION select .... you can do multiple rows at a time. Then you just pipe it to sqlplus.

There are file loaders, too. I forget the name, but Oracle External Tables (mapping files as tables) are very fast and pretty easy, but requires access to the configured dir on the server. JAVA can pass in blocks that can be insert'd, select'd as tables, too.
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