Put repeated values into a table

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Old 11-25-2013
Put repeated values into a table

Hi all,

I have blocks of records like the following, each block ends in = in a new line, I want tabularize the entire output. The pattern is the same in every block although not all types are there in every block.
For example gine3 is absent in the second block but present first and third.


line1 pine2 gine3 tine4
ABC XYZ 123 

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Old 11-25-2013
awk -F"=" 'BEGIN{OFS=" ";print "line1 pine2 gine3 tine4"}$0=="="{print x;x=""}{x=(x?x" ":"")$2}END{print x}' file

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Old 11-25-2013
Thank you, but my columns are not restricted to only 4, there may be 20 or more, can we make the header variable? should be the maximum number of lines in all blocks
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Old 11-25-2013
For given input this also will work

$ awk '!A[$1]++{s = s ? s OFS $1 : $1}{B[++i]=$2}END{print s; for(j=1;j<=i;j++)printf B[j]"%s", B[j] !~ /[[:alnum:]]/ || j == i ? RS : OFS }' FS="=" file

$ awk '!A[$1]++{s = s ? s OFS $1 : $1}{p = !/^\=/ ? p ? p OFS $2 : $2 : p RS }END{gsub(/\n[[:space:]]/,"\n",p);print s RS p}' FS="=" file

line1 pine2 gine3  tine4
ABC XYZ 123  

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Old 11-25-2013
Hello Akshay,

Thanks for great code could you please explain the same.

R. Singh
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Old 11-25-2013
Originally Posted by RavinderSingh13
Hello Akshay,

Thanks for great code could you please explain the same.

R. Singh
awk '!A[$1]++{s = s ? s OFS $1 : $1}.... --> Here unique records from column 1 are stored in variable s

{B[++i]=$2} --> Array B holds column2 records

and finally in END block

END{print s;.. --> Prints unique records in variable s

for(j=1;j<=i;j++) --> Looping for 1 to i

B[j] !~ /[[:alnum:]]/ || j == i ? RS : OFS --> if B[j] is not alphanumeric or j equal to i thats end of loop print B[j] and Row separator ("\n") else print B[j] and output field separator (OFS)
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Old 11-25-2013
Try this on a larger file and come back with results:
awk -F= 'BEGIN          {LnCnt=0; HdCnt=0}
         !$1 && !$2     {LnCnt++; next}
                        {for (i=0; i<HdCnt; i++) if (HD[i]==$1) break
                         if (i==HdCnt) HD[HdCnt++]=$1
                         A[LnCnt,$1] = $2}

         END            {for (i=0; i<HdCnt; i++) printf "%s\t", HD[i]; printf "\n"
                         for (j=0; j<=LnCnt; j++)
                           {for (i=0; i<HdCnt; i++) printf "%s\t", A[j,HD[i]]; printf "\n"}
        ' OFS="\t" file
line1    pine2    gine3    tine4    
ABC    XYZ    123         
TYU    UYT            
BCD    GHY    786    RTY

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