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Old 11-25-2013
Perl : Getopts and Strict -How to solve

How do I get past the error when using strict and GetOpts ?

use strict;
use Getopt::Std; 
# Process the command line options 
die "Usage: $0 -r <router> -u <username> -p <password> -e <enable password>\n" if (@ARGV < 6); 
exit if (!getopts('r:u:p:e:')); 
my $unam=$opt_u; 
my $psswd=$opt_p; 
my $epsswd=$opt_e; 
my $dev=$opt_r; 

print "$unam $psswd $epsswd $dev "

/home/popeye> topt -r -u popeye -p thesailorman
Global symbol "$opt_u" requires explicit package name at topt line 10.
Global symbol "$opt_p" requires explicit package name at topt line 11.
Global symbol "$opt_e" requires explicit package name at topt line 12.
Global symbol "$opt_r" requires explicit package name at topt line 13.
Execution of topt aborted due to compilation errors.
Thanks in advance
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Old 11-25-2013
You need to declare the variables using use vars for it to work:
use vars qw($opt_u $opt_p ...);

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Old 11-25-2013

On my system:
OS, ker|rel, machine: Linux, 2.6.26-2-amd64, x86_64
Distribution        : Debian 5.0.8 (lenny, workstation) 
perl 5.10.0

We find:
       vars - Perl pragma to predeclare global variable names (obsolete)

-- perldoc vars
whereas from perldoc Getopt::Std
       Note that, if your code is running under the recommended "use strict
       'vars'" pragma, you will need to declare these package variables with

           our($opt_x, $opt_y);

The former may work, I have often used the latter.

Learning to use perldoc can make one less dependent on others.

Good luck .. cheers, drl

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Old 11-25-2013
Yes. Thanks to all. I found it after searching the web. Thanks again !!
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