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Old 11-22-2013
Shell script loop not working

I'm using this script to transcode videos in an Ubuntu 12.04 machine.
#! /bin/bash


#Video BitRate in kbps

echo "###################" >> $LOGS/transcode_dv_wrappers.log
echo "cmd $(LOGS/transcode_dv_wrappers.log)"

#Process Lock
if [ ! -e $LOCK_FILE ]; then
 touch $LOCK_FILE
shopt -s nullglob

for g in *.dv; do
Name=$(basename "$g" .dv)

        mv "$g" "$TMP";
        cd "$TMP";
        echo "FFMBC comenzó a convertir $g";
#Wrap a QuickTime Mov
        /usr/bin/ffmpeg -threads 0 -y -i "$g" -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f mov "$Name".mov;

#Elimina extensiones extra
        mv "$Name".mov "$MOVDESTDIR";
        mv "$g" .dv "$DONEFILESDIR";


rm -f $LOCK_FILE
echo "El script dv stream a DV wrappers todavia se esta ejecutando"

exit 0

Now I've tried to run this in a other computer, a Mint Olivia based one, the transcode process starts but it only works with the first file, and then

mv: cannot stat ‘.dv': No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat ‘A001119_NOSOTROS_EL_PUENTE_MICRO_02.dv': No such file or directory
FFMBC comenzó a convertir A001119_NOSOTROS_EL_PUENTE_MICRO_02.dv

I'm completely lost.
Thanks in advance!
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Old 11-22-2013
I guess it only works first because you are changing directory after first iteration:
cd "$TMP";

But I assume the files are actually present under $MOVDIR. So you have to go back to $MOVDIR
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