Using awk to parse a file with mixed formats in columns

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Old 11-21-2013
[Solved] Using awk to parse a file with mixed formats in columns


I have a file formatted like this:
rhino	grey	weight=1003;height=231;class=heaviest;histology=9,0,0,8
bird	white	weight=23;height=88;class=light;histology=7,5,1,0,0
turtle	green	weight=40;height=9;class=light;histology=6,0,2,0
rhino	grey	weight=1100;height=221;class=heaviest;histology=9,0,0,8
bird	white	weight=23;height=88;class=light;histology=7,5,1,0,0
bird	grey	weight=9;height=8;class=light;histology=7,5,1,0,0
turtle	green	weight=40;height=23;class=light;histology=6,0,2,0
turtle	purple	weight=6;height=2;class=light;histology=6,0,2,0

The file has three columns, tab delimited, with the third combining multiple data-types (e.g. "height," "weight" etc.) . It is important that this format be preserved for down-stream analysis, however I would like to parse the data based on a single data-type in the third column -- e.g. all rows for which height ≥ 200. Until now I have been changing the format into a standard 6-column tab delimited file:
rhino	grey	1003	231	heaviest	9,0,0,8
bird	white	23	88	light	7,5,1,0,0
turtle	green	40	9	light	6,0,2,0
rhino	grey	1100	221	heaviest	9,0,0,8
bird	white	23	88	light	7,5,1,0,0
bird	grey	9	8	light	7,5,1,0,0
turtle	green	40	23	light	6,0,2,0
turtle	purple	6	2	light	6,0,2,0

But it is a pain to get it back into the other format this way.

Is it possible to parse this information the way I wish using awk?

I apologize if this should really be in the UNIX for Dummies section.
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Old 11-21-2013
As long as all of your input lines are in the same format and have data in the 3rd field in the same order, the easy way to do this is just to use tab, equal sign, and semicolon as field separators and look for field 6 with a value >= 200:
awk -F '[\t=;]' '$6 >= 200' file

which (if file contains your sample data) produces:
rhino	grey	weight=1003;height=231;class=heaviest;histology=9,0,0,8
rhino	grey	weight=1100;height=221;class=heaviest;histology=9,0,0,8

This User Gave Thanks to Don Cragun For This Post:
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Old 12-09-2013
Thanks, works like a charm, your time is very much appreciated!
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