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How to round up value upto 2 decimal places using sed?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to round up value upto 2 decimal places using sed?
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Old 11-15-2013
How to round up value upto 2 decimal places using sed?

Please help me in rounding up value upto 2 decimal palces using sed command



c=`echo $a*$b |bc -l`
echo $c

above code is is giving output "205.5486" but i want the output as "205.55"

Thank you...
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Old 11-15-2013
One of the ways:
c=`echo "scale=2;$a*$b" |bc -l`

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Old 11-15-2013
Thanks but it is giving output "205.54" instead of "205.55"
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Old 11-15-2013
Using CygWin bash:-
AMIGA:~> text=42.377821
AMIGA:~> printf "%0.2f\n" $text
AMIGA:~> text=42.843821
AMIGA:~> printf "%0.2f\n" $text
AMIGA:~> _

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Old 11-15-2013
is there any sed command what can i use?
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Old 11-15-2013
A quick and dirty way:

echo "scale=2;($a*$b)+.01"|bc

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Old 11-15-2013
sed cannot do math. sed cannot round numbers.

This seemingly simple question is difficult to solve completely in bc itself because it simply does not calculate in that fashion. The rounding at least can be done by adding 0.005 and truncating down to two decimal places. I don't think adding 0.01 is correct.


c=`echo "($a*$b)+0.005" |bc -l`
        set -- $c

echo $c

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