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Old 11-12-2013
I tested on GNU bash, version 4.2.25(1)-release (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

if you have ksh93 use this


        printf "%(%d/%b/%y)T\n" "$a + $i day"

$ ksh date.ksh

OR else in #2 make n=$(echo "${a:0:2}-1" | bc) to n=0 Since I just wanted to use same variable a for vaiable n so did like that.

Let me know whether it's working or not

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Old 11-12-2013
tried same

getting error
`(' unexpected.

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Old 11-12-2013
Originally Posted by onesuri
tried same
getting error
`(' unexpected.
How did you try ? which one you used bash or ksh ?
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Old 11-12-2013
ksh ..
# 12  
Old 11-12-2013
No idea about AIX if you have copied #8 code properly it should work.

and which ksh ?
run this on terminal
$ which ksh
$ ksh --version

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Old 11-12-2013
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Old 11-12-2013
I've worked on AIX 5.3 before and the ksh93 was version 93n which doesn't support the %T printf formatter.

Usual solution is to either use perl code or download the coreutils package from the AIX linux toolbox site. Once it's installed a GNU date command that supports the --date option can be found /opt/freeware/bin/

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If you don't have ability to install packages this perl script should work OK on AIX (don't have access to AIX to test for you):

#! /usr/bin/env perl
use Time::Local;
use POSIX qw(strftime);

my %mon;
@mon{qw/Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec/} = 0..11;

my ($dd, $mmm, $yy) = split(/[-\/ ]/, $ARGV[0]);
print strftime("%d/%b/%y\n", localtime(timelocal(0,0,0,$dd,$mon{$mmm},2000 + $yy) + $ARGV[1]*24*60*60));

$ ./ 01/Apr/13 20

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