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Concatenate small line with next line perl script

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Concatenate small line with next line perl script

Hello to all,

I'm new to perl, I have input file that contains the string below:

This string has as line separator "ff45". So, I want to print each line but the code below is not working.
perl -pe '
local $/;
$/ = "ff45";
while (<FILE>){
}' file

If the only condition is set as line separator "ff45", the output would be:

But when the line length is less than 7 I want to concatenate that small line with the next one,
So, the final output I'd like to get is below (red part is small line, in blue next line):

May you help me in how to get this.

PS: If possible, I'd like only to modify the code inside the while loop, since I want to incorporate as part of a bigger script.

Thanks in advance.
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Try this (with some assumptions):
perl -pe 'BEGIN{$/="ff45"}
$\ = (length >= 7 ? "\n" : "")' file

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Hello elixir_sinari,

Thanks for the help. It works just fine!


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