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Old 11-06-2013
@RavinderSingh13 I do not want the blank spaces.
@Don Cargun Thanks for explication and for the good solution

Here is another way

awk '{v=sprintf("%-15s%s",$1,$2);gsub(/ /,"-",v);print v}' tsome-----------datahere_is_more---information
this may help too.

awk -vs1="-------------------" -F" " '{print $1s1$2}' file_name

Output will be as follows.


R. Singh
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Old 11-06-2013
Not to very much help, since format of column are lost.
information should be just below data
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Old 11-06-2013
Hello Jotne,

Could you please try the following, not sure if it is good, but I tried my best to do this. Please take a look and see if this helps. Let us say input file is check_OFS_and_variable.

if [[ -f file_temp1 ]]
rm file_temp1
if [[ -f file_temp ]]
rm file_temp
echo "enter the number of dash you want"
read v
if [[ $v -ge $nine ]]

b=`awk -F" " 'NR==1 {print$1}' check_OFS_and_variable`
a=`awk -F" " 'NR==2 {print$1}' check_OFS_and_variable`
e=`echo $b | wc -c`
f=`echo $a | wc -c`
##echo $e
let "t = v + e"
let "p = t - f"
##echo $p
OFS=`echo "-"`
value1_1=`awk -F" " 'NR==1 {print$1}' check_OFS_and_variable`
value1_2=`awk -F" " 'NR==1 {print$2}' check_OFS_and_variable`
echo $value1_1
value2_1=`awk -F" " 'NR==2 {print$1}' check_OFS_and_variable`
value2_2=`awk -F" " 'NR==2 {print$2}' check_OFS_and_variable`
echo $value1_1 >> file_temp
while [[ $i -le $v ]]
echo $OFS >> file_temp
let "i = i +1"
echo $value1_2 >> file_temp
echo $value2_1
echo $value2_1 >> file_temp1
while [[ $i -le $p ]]
echo $OFS >> file_temp1
let "i = i + 1"
echo $value2_2 >> file_temp1
awk '{print $0}' ORS="" file_temp
echo "\n"
awk '{print $0}' ORS="" file_temp1
echo "print enter more than 9 times."

Output will be as follows.


Not sure it is not coming properly as it comes in box. Please try and let us know.

EDITED Text: sorry just now realized that script will work if user have entered number more than 8 so changed accordingly. Smilie

R. Singh

Last edited by RavinderSingh13; 11-06-2013 at 02:35 PM.. Reason: commented the echo in b/w
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