How to pass enter key or selected character in bash script?

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Old 10-29-2013
How to pass enter key or selected character in bash script?

i've bash script thats working...
but now i need to add a line....that prompts for user yes and 1 as complete install....

so here's how it looks...

$ cd 9200 (cd into directory)

$./install (hv to type ./install to run install then ask for)
----do you want to install
press y for yes n for no.
Y (here's needs to press Y------this is where i stuck)

then it prompts for

1 for complete install or 2 for server install
1 (here needs to press 1 ---------this is where i stuck)

then it completes the installation.

needed script to select Y for yes and then 1 for complete automatically and finish the installation....
would be great to hear.

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Old 10-29-2013
Checkout the read command then proceed based on the entered answer:

read -p "Do you want to install? [y,n]:  " answer

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Old 10-29-2013

$ cat 

echo -n "Do you want to install press [yes] to install  [no] to stop: "
read yno
case $yno in

        [yY] | [yY][Ee][Ss] )
                echo "Received Permission"

        [nN] | [n|N][O|o] )
                echo "No, installation terminates here";
                exit 1
        *) echo "Invalid input"

$ bash
Do you want to install press [yes] to install  [no] to stop: yes
Received Permission

$ bash
Do you want to install press [yes] to install  [no] to stop: n
No, installation terminates here

$ bash
Do you want to install press [yes] to install  [no] to stop: 
Invalid input

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Old 10-29-2013
Thank you all for your prompt help & suggestion.

i think i didn't clarify earlier my mistake...sorry abt that.

$./install (is the program the vendor provided inorder to install software)
during installation it will prompt for Yes for Y after that 1 for complete install...
so basically,

mount -t nfs /temp (where its located on the network)

after that i want script to enter Yes for Y and 1 for complete install...

is that something doable...would be glad to hear.

thanks much.
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Old 10-29-2013
Did you consider stdin redirection?
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