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Old 10-21-2013
Unable to send mail

Hi friends

I am trying to send mail through a unix server.
I am using following command
mailx -s "THIS IS TEST" jhon@gmail.com

Whenever i am typing the above command it is going to next line when i press @ on unix server prompt.

so it is taking this command as following
mailx -s "THIS IS TEST" jhon@

because of this i am unable to send mail. Is there any problem with the server? Or should i check settings into putty?
Please help.
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Old 10-21-2013
Originally Posted by Nakul_sh
Whenever i am typing the above command it is going to next line when i press @ on unix server prompt.
This is pretty odd. Sounds like some trouble with your terminal.
Is there any problem with the server? Or should i check settings into putty?
It sounds like PUTTY and your server don't agree on what @ means. There's probably a PUTTY setting to resolve this, but it'd help to know what your server is to figure out exactly what ought to be changed to what. What's your server? uname -a if you don't know.
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Old 10-21-2013
Try typing control-D after entering some text to send. Executing mailx in this fashion, makes mailx expect you to enter the body text of the message next. Y
ou can hit RETURN to enter multiple lines.

It doesn't end until you press control-D. Also note you can do this...

cat mymessage.txt | mailx -s "subect" user@host.com

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Old 10-21-2013
Agree with Corona, odd terminal settings.
In putty options|preferences, set terminal type to vt100 or xterm.
That works with most terminals.
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