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Old 10-11-2013
sed Very Slow


We are using sed to clean up a file of a pattern and its talking a lot of time on XML output file

The command that we are using is

sed -e "s/tns1://g" $OUTPUTFILENM > $TEMPFILE

Where $OUTPUTFILENM is the file to be cleaned and $TEMPFILE is the cleaned output

Can you please help me to optimise this command or suggest some other command that can clean up say the string tns1: and replace it with space across all xml file.

I will really appreciate any suggestion. For a 45k record file its taking more than an hour in each record we have around 10 instances of string tns:

Also the string can appear any where its not fixed width location since we have XML file that we are cleanning


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Old 10-11-2013
Something is very wrong here. sed can process 10+ GB's/hour on a modern machine.
Please show the output of:

ls -l [one of your xml files]
wc -l [the same xml file]

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Old 10-11-2013
Here are the outputs of the above commands

-rw-rw-rw-    1 inf  inf    103876292 Oct 11 18:16
wc -l returns 0 as its a single root tag XML file

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Old 10-12-2013
That looks like one 103 MB long line.
sed is not optimized for this.
Try another sed version,
or perl
perl -pe "s/tns1://g" $OUTPUTFILENM > $TEMPFILE

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