Sourcing .cshrc (C shell) environment variables to bash

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Old 10-11-2013
Sourcing .cshrc (C shell) environment variables to bash

I have tried with the following:
csh -c 'source ~/.cshrc; exec bash' # works perfectly
(cat ~/.cshrc; echo exec bash) | csh # not working 

And, using sed, I successfully retrieved the environment variables from ~/.cshrc
sed -rn 's/setenv\s+(\S+)\s+(.*)$/export \1=\2/p' ~/.cshrc

but now stuck-up in sourcing it to the bash environment, where the below solutions do not work Smilie
sed -rn 's/setenv\s+(\S+)\s+(.*)$/export \1=\2/p' ~/.cshrc | bash
source /dev/stdin < <(sed -rn 's/setenv\s+(\S+)\s+(.*)$/export \1=\2/p' ~/.cshrc)

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Old 10-11-2013
You are over complicating things. Why not just write the variables out to a temporary file and source that temporary file?

Even simpler, just write a .myownfile containing the variables and source that file.
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Old 10-12-2013
True, but would like to explore new stuffs Smilie

Could anyone correct my code?
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Old 10-12-2013
.cshrc is automatically sourced
csh -c 'exec bash'

You need eval
eval $(
sed -rn 's/^\s*setenv\s+(\S+)\s+/export \1=/p' ~/.cshrc

This User Gave Thanks to MadeInGermany For This Post:
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Old 10-18-2013
Originally Posted by MadeInGermany
.cshrc is automatically sourced
csh -c 'exec bash'

Awesome!! Smilie, so can I do anything for this piece of code
(cat ~/.cshrc; echo exec bash) | csh

in order to make it work?
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Old 10-18-2013
...being it's just a more complicated version of what he did in one parameter, why? What's your goal here?
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Old 10-18-2013
Using grep move all setenv statements into, say, .setenv. Next, add the following to your .bashrc:
setenv() { export $1="$2"}
. ~/.setenv

Edit your .cshrc file and comment out or delete your setenv statements, and add
source ~/.setenv

(or whatever the correct syntax is).

From now on keep all your environment definitions in .setenv and both csh and bash will be able to use them.

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