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Old 10-10-2013
Display the output


I have the following output of a shell script
k m == [76 frames] -77.2820 [Ac=-5633.4 LM=-240.0] (Act=79.9)

i want to display only

k m

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Old 10-10-2013
What do you mean by only k m as output.. Do you want the only the first field if before "==" then
echo "whateveroutput" +awk |F[=][=] '{print $1}'

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Old 10-11-2013
yes rathheeshjulk
when i ran the code i got the error message
F[=][=]: command not found
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Old 10-11-2013
If you really just want to display only:
k m

the script:
echo k m

will do what you want. If you're trying to create a filter that will extract some data from the output of another script, you need to give us a much better description of what you're trying to do.
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Old 10-11-2013
Don Cragun,
I want to display characters before ==
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Old 10-11-2013
Assuming you're using a POSIX conforming shell, try:
while read -r line
do      printf "%s\n" "${line%%==*}"

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Old 10-11-2013
your_output | awk -F'=' '{print $1}'

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