Can I speed up my grep command?

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Old 10-10-2013
I just need to get the server back working again! The old grep command I used at least worked then....

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Windows NT

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I ran the find part of the statement & it work. Then I ran the grep part & it still works. But it won't work together as it use to run! I don't understand!

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It keeps coming back with no data. But when I do an
ls or grep -l "Status" *.xml

They're there! I'm confused! Help! lol Please?
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Old 10-10-2013
We don't know what your server problems are. If it stopped working, that will definitely not be due to those commands.
Or is it just your terminal session that hangs? Try <CTRL>C or <CTRL>D or kill it fromthe task manager.

Please explain in detail and plain English what your problems are, also supplying input and desired output samples.
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Old 10-10-2013
I've only got today to get it running like it use too!

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Ok when I changed my find . -name "*.xml" -exec grep -l "Status" {} \; to
uname -a
xmlFileNames=$(find . -name "*.xml" -exec grep -Fl "Status" {} '+')
printf "find w/ grep -F exit code: %d\n" $?
xmlFileNames=$(find . -name "*.xml" -exec fgrep -l "Status" {} '+')
printf "find w/ fgrep exit code: %d\n" $?

I got this error message.
find: non-terminated '-exec' argument list
Usage: find directory ... expression
find w/ grep -F exit code:2 
find: non-terminated "-exec' argument list
Usuage: find directory ... expression
find w/ fgrep exit code: 2

And now ever since then I haven't been able to run my script or the earlier find command from the command line. I don't know what to do...

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I tried
which find

Because I thought maybe it was pointing at the wrong file for the find command. But It's pointing at the mks tool kit...I've triple checked my syntax over. And that's not it. Plus the script use to run. Yeah it took a while but it ran. Now it runs but can't find any of the files. I did an

grep -l "status" *.xml

right after the script came back with no data. And the files are right there.

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Somebody please help me? I have learned a valuable lesson from all of this! Learn my commands before using them!

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Well, I've restarted the server & still the same problem!
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Old 10-10-2013
OK, calm down.
Does the modification date of your .xml files indicate they've been overwritten lately?
Use an editor to open one of the .xml file and look if there's "status" in one of the eight first lines. Then use grep status on that .xml file. Report back.
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Old 10-10-2013
Yes the status is in the first line of the xml files.

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And the grep did work from the command line.
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Old 10-10-2013
OK. What's the problem now?
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Old 10-10-2013
The find part works too from the command line. The just wont work when I put them together.
xmlFileNames=$(find . -name "*.xml" -exec grep -l "Status" {} \; 2>/dev/null)

IDK why? I even took off the /dev/null/ part...
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