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Old 10-04-2013
API Based URL Parsing

Hi Friends,
We have a situation where we need to pass API based URL which will return XML response ,and I need to convert those XML response to a delimited flat file.

url.txt -- will have

Need a program which will read the url.txt and parse the XML response to a delimited flat file

Sample XML Response:



Required OutPut


I think we can do it by using perl but have no clue about the URL & XML parsing.

Any help ...!!!
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Old 10-04-2013
you may try this awk version

$ awk -F'[<,>]' 'BEGIN{print "col|col2"}/<col/{i++;printf (i==1)? $3 OFS:  $3 "\n"}{i=(i!=1)?0:i}' OFS="|"  file

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