ksh read timeout

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ksh read timeout

any idea on how to timeout the read statement for ksh?

for bash u can use read -t option
-t timeout
Cause read to time out and return failure if a complete
line of input is not read within timeout seconds. This
option has no effect if read is not reading input from
the terminal or a pipe.

thanks in advance!
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Not sure, if this is the right answer. man ksh says

       TMOUT  If set to a positive integer in an interactive shell, it  speci-
              fies the maximum number of seconds the shell will wait for input
              after printing  the  primary  prompt  (PS1).   If  the  time  is
              exceeded, the shell exits.

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I think he means
read -t10  variable_name

This works in the newer versions of the Korn shell like Korn93. Otherwise, Perderabo has posted examples of timing out a read by using coprocesses. Search the form on read timeout.
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