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Old 10-02-2013
Exactly 15 days, or older than 15 days?

If it's exactly 15 days (and you have GNU date) you could just do:
grep -v $(date +%m%d%y --date '15 days ago') filelist.txt

For a range you could generate the grep regex:
dates=$(date +%m%d%y)
for i in {1..15}
   dates="${dates}|"$(date +%m%d%y --date "$i days ago")
grep -E "${dates}" filelist.txt > newfilelist.txt

That's bash with GNU date and GNU grep - you may need to fiddle with it if you don't have them.

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Old 10-02-2013
If +/- 2 days do not matter:
awk -F '[_.]' 'function mmddyy(x){return (substr(x,1,2)*30+substr(x,3,2)+substr(x,5,2)*365)} mmddyy($2)<mmddyy(date)-15' date=`date +%m%d%y` Filelist.txt

More precise is the previous proposal (calculation in GNU date)
awk -F '[_.]' 'function mmddyy(x){return (substr(x,1,2)*30+substr(x,3,2)+substr(x,5,2)*365)} mmddyy($2)<mmddyy(date)' date=`date --date '15 days ago' +%m%d%y` Filelist.txt

If you think it works for you, redirect the output to a new file with >
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