How to suppress error in following command?

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Old 09-30-2013
You may want to set the OFMT (output format; default "6.2f") variable to a more suitable value.
If you try MadeInGermany's proposal, use printf, not print.

EDIT: wrong default from the top of my head. Correct: "%.6g"

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Old 10-01-2013
Hi All,

Thank you all for your valuable input. Yes I managed to print the number correctly using the printf function. However, I got another issue with the command provided by RudiC.

I am applying the same command on another file in which record separator is not pipe. I change the command as below:

awk -F" " '/^040/ {REC++; SUM+=$14; FN=FILENAME} END {printf ("%s;%d;%0.2f\n", FN,REC,SUM/100)} ' $FILENAMEA

Using above I do not get the correct result. This is because field 14 is not being grepped correctly.

I tried following command also:

awk '{$1=$1}1' OFS="|" $FILENAMEA | awk -F" " '/^040/ {REC++; SUM+=$14; FN=FILENAME} END {printf ("%s;%d;%0.2f\n", FN,REC,SUM/100)} '

However, this did not work as filename is not being printed and the sum is also coming wrong.

Please advise.

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Old 10-01-2013
Please post input files.
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Old 10-01-2013
Hi RudiC,

Please find the attached file.

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Old 10-01-2013
What's wrong - $14 is 0 in both lines starting with 040, so the sum is 0 as well.
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Old 10-01-2013
Hi RudiC,

I am not sure with previous file. However, please refer to this attached file.

When I run both the following commands, I get two diff output.

awk -F" " '/^040/ {REC++; SUM+=$15; FN=FILENAME} END {printf ("%s;%d;%0.2f\n", FN,REC,SUM/100)} ' myfile.txt

output : myfile.txt;2;0.00

grep ^040 myfile.txt | cut -f14



These files are tab delimited. If you notice, you will see that some of the fields have text separated by space. Hence If I use space as delimiter, the output will not be consistent. When I use cut command to get field 14, I get consistent result across all files.

For example in the following line

040     40      0       0123683106      00389486375     80      RCCCFN  11      1380302611      02      03      MOBILE 012      0       40      0       NL02

MOBILE 012 is one field. If you check the second file that I have uploaded, you can see that this particular field can have text containing multiple spaces.


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Old 10-02-2013
Hi RudiC,

I managed to get that working. As I said the delimiter is tab and hence I have changed the delimiter as below:

awk -F" " '/^040/.....  is changed to awk -F'\t'  '/^040/....

After that it is working fine. However, I got another question here.

Besides lines starting with 040, if I have to grep another line starting with say 600 and sum 18th column of that line but all the output should display in one line, do I need to perform it separately and then paste the output or is there anything that can be changed in the command above to get the required output.


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