Shell Script to filter users and create them again from a back-up server

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Old 09-26-2013
Shell Script to filter users and create them again from a back-up server

This is a script to filter the users out of etc/passwd and etc/group. So if you want to migrate of restore a server you can use this script from a backup to restore and make the same users on you had..

Please feedback and comments.


prompt_list () {
# haal uit de argumenten de prompt en de keuzes
#echo len: $LEN
#echo prompt: $PROMPT
#echo keuzes: $CHOICES
   echo -e "\e[01;31m${PROMPT}\e[00m"
   PS3="Maak je keuze ('s' voor stop): "
   select ANSWER in ${CHOICES}; do
      case ${ANSWER} in
         *    ) CHOICE=${ANSWER};  break;;
   check_stop ${CHOICE}

check_stop () {
   if [ -z ${1} ]
      echo -e "\n\e[01;31mJe hebt er voor gekozen om te stoppen\e[00m\n"

contains() {
    if test "${string#*$substring}" != "$string"

echo "--------------------------------------"
if [ $# = 0 ]
	echo "Usage: $0 <username>"


echo "Users zijn $USERS"
prompt_list "Which tar.gz you want to use for userid?" `locate *etc*passwd.tar.gz`
echo "--------------------------------------"
prompt_list "Which tar.gz you want to use for groupid?" `locate *etc*group.tar.gz`

tar -zxvf ${GROUP_OBJECT}
tar -zxvf ${PASSWD_OBJECT}

for USER in $USERS		
	read -e -p "Which user you want to know the userid and groupid? " -i "$USER" USER
	USERID=`cat passwd | grep "^${USER}:" | cut -d":" -f3`
	if [ "${USERID}x" = "x" ]
		echo "User $USER not in passwd"
		echo -e "userid is: \t$USERID"

		GROUPID=`cat passwd | grep "^${USER}:" | cut -d":" -f4`
		echo -e "groupid is: \t$GROUPID"
		HOMEID=`cat passwd | grep "^${USER}:" | cut -d":" -f6`
		echo -e "homedir is: \t$HOMEID"

		SHELLID=`cat passwd | grep "^${USER}:" | cut -d":" -f7`
		echo -e "shellid is: \t$SHELLID"

		GROUPID2=`cat group | grep "^${USER}:" | cut -d":" -f3`
                echo -e "groupid in group is: \t$GROUPID2"
		if [ ${GROUPID} -eq ${GROUPID2} ]
			SUDOERS=`cat group | grep "^sudo:" | cut -d":" -f4`
                	echo -e "sudoers: \t$SUDOERS"
			contains $SUDOERS $USER
			echo $CONTAINS
			if [ "$CONTAINS" == "ja" ]
				SUDOPARAM="-G sudo"
			echo "This is ${SUDOPARAM}"

			groupadd -g ${GROUPID2} ${USER}
			echo -e "\e[01;31mResult Add to groep is ${RESULT}\e[00m"
			useradd -u ${USERID} -g ${GROUPID} ${SUDOPARAM} -d ${HOMEID} -m -s ${SHELLID} ${USER}
			echo -e "\e[01;31mAdd result user is ${RESULT}\e[00m"
			echo "groupid of passwd is not equal from groupid of group"

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Old 09-26-2013
What are you asking here? In general this script is too dependent on a specific environment. What if I don't have the bash shell or use sudo. Also, system administrators generally don't like to be prompted and "joe user" should not be running a script to add users so I would never hand this task off to someone not responsible for admin. There also seems to a language dependency here. Why is PS3 in a different language than the echo statements?
Not sure of the value of the functionality here. I don't mean to be negative but you asked for feedback.
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Old 09-26-2013
Nice script.
We don't normal do this where I work. If the system is backed up, so are the user accounts and if you build the server again the accounts will be there from your last backup.
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Old 09-26-2013
Run the following UUOC killer on your script:
sed 's/\<cat \([^ ][^ ]*  *\)| *\([^{(]\)/ < \1\2/' yourscript > newscript

and see the result with
diff yourscript newscript

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Old 09-26-2013
... and even more effective were the single read
IFS=":" read X X USERID GROUPID X HOMEID SHELLID < <(grep $USER /etc/passwd)

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Old 09-27-2013
Good point, this bashism (and zshism) simplifies a lot.
Of course keep the original grep "^${USER}:"!
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