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Old 09-26-2013
How about read, think about what has been posted...
Specialy as its homework stuff and you dont seem to have basic understanding of bash... (sorry)

Agree with gacanepa.
Read other scripts to enhance your skills.

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Old 09-26-2013
When I started off with Linux and bash scripting, the most helpful book that I found is the Linux Command Line. I would suggest you download it from the book's website (it is available for free) and start reading it and doing the exercises. It will take its time, but eventually you will feel confident at writing scripts like this.
Believe it or not, I think the greater good that we can do here is to tell you to start from the beginning and build your scripting arsenal little by little Smilie.
Good luck and let us know if you have further questions!
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Old 09-26-2013
Originally Posted by Macenbro
How about if I want to have an output of when I type:
Filename username
User Time logged on in seconds
Mike pts/0 86242
Mike pts/1 8422
Mike pts/2 8422

You have three output fields, but seem to only have two column headings. Please show us the input you're trying to process and explain (in English) what it is that you're trying to get out of it.

Note that in addition to the bad syntax on the case statement in Line 3 in your earlier posting:
case $1 in "0"
USR=$(who | awk {print "/user1|user2|user3|user4|user5/ "$1" Terminal: "$2 "  | grep $U)
USER1='/home/Alice | grep 'Alice' | cut -d -f2 | awk 'NR==1''
USER2='/home/Bob | grep 'Bob' | cut -d -f2 | awk 'NR==1''
USER3='/home/Mike | grep 'Mike' | cut -d -f2 | awk 'NR==1''
USER4='/home/Bill | grep 'Bill' | cut -d -f2 | awk 'NR==1''
USER5='/home/ec2-user | grep 'ec2-user' | cut -d -f2 | awk 'NR==1''
USRDATE=$(echo $USR | cut -d":" -f2)
(( USRDATE = $(date --date ""$USRDATE" +%s) / 86400 ))
(( NOW = NOW / 86400 )) (( DAYS = NOW - USRDATE ))

Line 4: %s is not a command.
Line 5: You are missing a }, some single quotes, and a definition for the variable U.
Lines 6-9: /home/* is most likely a directory name instead an executable command; -f2 is not a valid field delimiter for cut; you have mismatched double quotes; although you appear to be trying to store the output of a pipeline into these variables, you have no command substitution; and if these problems were fixed, you don't use these variables in your script.

In you original posting in this thread, you said you wanted to be prompted for a user's name and to get information for that user. There is nothing in this script that prompts for a user name. If you intended for the script to accept a user name as an operand, your script appears to only want to do something if the user name given is "0". But, the script doesn't do that and the sample output you have shown doesn't seem to do that either.

If we can't determine what you're trying to do from the description you provide, we can't help.

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