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Old 09-25-2013
Originally Posted by kwalan
I take the file missing error log, parse it down to a simple list of files called cleanerror.txt. And run a script that looks like this to restore the files:


files=`cat cleanerror.txt`
filesdir=`sed -e 's/$file//g' cleanerror.txt`

for i in $filesdir; do
mkdir -p $i

for i in $files; do
cp "/mnt/cifs/$i" $i
chown user:group $i

Using bash (running CentOS6) but can use Perl. Wrote this just now, it seems to do what I need with some file tests even if it feels hacky (only using Perl for getting the file/directory so I don't have to sed/awk, shelling out for almost everything else).


use File::Basename;
use File::Copy;

$result = open (IN, "file.txt");
while (defined ($dataLine = <IN>)) {
        chomp ($dataLine);
        my $dir = dirname($dataLine);
        system("mkdir -p $dir");
        system("chown user:group $dir");
        my $oldPath = "/mnt/cifs" . $dataLine;
        system("chown user:group $dataLine");
        system("chmod 644 $dataLine");

I'm sorry to hear that you don't have pax.

I'm extremely surprised that the bash script above is working for you. Here is your script with a few comments added:

file='1.2699.gz' # This line does not affect the output produced by this script.
files=`cat cleanerror.txt`
filesdir=`sed -e 's/$file//g' cleanerror.txt
# Since $file is not expanded when it appears between single quotes, unless
# the string '$file' appears in some of the pathnames in cleanerror.txt, this
# line could be replaced by: filesdir="$files"
# So, both $files and $filesdir expand to your list of 5000 target files.

for i in $filesdir; do
mkdir -p $i # This will create a new directory for every target file,

for i in $files; do
cp "/mnt/cifs/$i" $i # This will add a new directory into the target file pathname.
chown user:group $i
# This above line will change the owner of the directory containing the
# target file; not the target file itself.

So, as an example, the processing of the line in cleanerror.txt:

will create a directory named:

and then copy the file:


If you are running this script as the person whose userID is the one that you want to be the owner of the files, cp will do that for you without invoking chown. (If you need it, feel free to invoke chown on the files you create and on all of the directories you create [not just the leaf directories]. Note that invoking chown 5000 times will add somewhere between several seconds and a few minutes to the run the of your script. Figuring out which directories need to be created and have their ownership changed will also make the script more complex and slower.)

If you're trying to do what I think you're trying to do, you could try something like:
while IFS='' read -r file
do      filedir="${file%/*}"
        if [ ! -d "$filedir" ]
        then    mkdir -p "$filedir"
        cp "/mnt/cifs/$file" "$file"
done < cleanerror.txt

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Old 09-25-2013
Originally Posted by kwalan
Don't have the pax utility.
That's easily remedied:
# yum install pax

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