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Old 09-24-2013
Script to check for few conditions and respond with outputs

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:
1. Check for a file of specific name recursively and when I find it,

a. if the file is more than 1hr old, no need to email or send notification, so just exit out from the shell script
b. if the file is less than 1hr old, send an email to me saying that there is a new file generated in this path and list out the path, timestamp etc
c. if the file is more than 24hrs old, delete the file and send an email that the file was deleted and then exit out of shell script.

And, here is what I have written until now.
find ${DIRECTORY} -type f -name "ccore" -exec ls -leh {} \; >> $CCOREFILELIST
echo "find found files"
if [ -s "$CCOREFILELIST" ]
tmonth=`find ${DIRECTORY} -type f -name "ccore" -exec ls -leh {} \; | awk '{print $6}'`
echo "The Month of the core file is $tmonth"
tdate=`find ${DIRECTORY} -type f -name "ccore" -exec ls -leh {} \; | awk '{print $7}'`
echo "The Date of the core file is $tdate"
ttime=`find ${DIRECTORY} -type f -name "ccore" -exec ls -leh {} \; | awk '{print $8}'`
echo "The Time of the core file is $ttime"
thour=`find ${DIRECTORY} -type f -name "ccore" -exec ls -leh {} \; | awk '{print $8}' | cut -c1-2`
echo "The Hour of the core file is $thour"
cmonth=`date +%b`
echo "The current Month is $cmonth"
cdate=`date +%d`
echo "The current Date is $cdate"
ctime=`date +%T`
echo "The current Time is $ctime"
chour=`date +%H`
echo "The current Hour is $chour"
phour=`perl -e 'use POSIX qw(strftime);  print strftime "%H", localtime(time()+$ARGV[0]);' -- -3600`
echo "The previous Hour is $phour"
yesterday=`perl -e '@T=localtime(time-86400);printf("%02d/%02d/%02d",$T[4]+1,$T[3],$T[5]+1900)'|cut -d '/' -f2`
echo "Yesterday is $yesterday"
if [[ "$tmonth" = "$cmonth" && "$tdate" = "$cdate" && "$thour" -lt "$phour" ]]
        echo "New ccore files are generated today:"
        echo "However this listing of ccore files is stale and no notification will be sent through email:"
elif [[ "$tmonth" = "$cmonth" && "$tdate" = "$cdate" && "thour" -lt "$chour" ]]
   echo "entering the section of within last hour"
   echo "The listing of ccore files generated within the last hour is as follows:" >> $CCOREFILELIST
elif [[ "$tdate" -lt "$yesterday" ]]
     echo "The listing of ccore files generated is over a day old and hence will be deleted:"
     ####find logic to remove files older than 1 day######
echo "There are no ccore files to be removed"

I think this script still has some logic missing like checking for other ccore file that may get generated within the hour etc. I am just using this as a template, and trying to refine and make it work.

Let me know if there is a simple and a better way to accomplish this task.

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Old 09-24-2013
Use code tags and indentation to make your code easy to read.


EDIT P.S.: Thanks, Scrutinizer.
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Old 09-24-2013
This might help - fine each ccore, check it's age and add to files. You can then process your LT1H and OT1D files.

function age_seconds()
    fs=`perl -e 'use File::stat; print stat($ARGV[0])->mtime;' "$1"`
    cs=`date +%s`
    let age=cs-fs
    echo $age


find ${DIRECTORY} -type f -name "ccore" | while read file
   core_age=`age_seconds "$file"`
   if [ $core_age -lt 3600 ]
        echo "$file" >> /tmp/LT1H
   elif [ $core_age -gt 86400 ]
        echo "$file" >> /tmp/OT1D

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Old 09-24-2013
Some hints (not exhaustive):
- if you got more than one ccore file in all subdirectories, your tmonth etc. variables will not be unique.
- why are you using four finds to extract those four vars? Use one and extract all variables from that.
- same for the date/time vars
- depending on your find version, you could use its time tests to analyse the one, more, and 24 hour conditions for the ccore files, list and - if need be - delete them, and send mails. No need for the cumbersome shell arithmetics!

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