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Filtering data from text to csv

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Filtering data from text to csv


Is there a way to filerter data from a text file as shown below to a Column


hostname nfsmount as two separate column. Currently I could get hostname and the mount is appearing below.. using this script
#! /bin/bash

for i in `cat fqdn.txt`
echo "$i ............ " >> fstab.txt
ssh username@$i "cat /etc/fstab |column -t | grep 'bur-filer*'" >> fstab.t    xt

Code: ............ 
bur-filer2:/vol/vol1    /mnt/bur-filer2/vol1    nfs     rw,defaults     0 ............ 
bur-filer2:/vol/vol1    /mnt/bur-filer2/vol1    nfs     rw,defaults     0

Thank You

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You have shown the data you don't want, but haven't shown the data you do want, so I don't understand what you want your output to look like.

You can simplify your code as such:

#! /bin/bash

while read i
        echo "$i ............ "
        ssh -n username@$i "< /etc/fstab column -t | grep 'bur-filer.*'"
done < fqdn.txt > fstab.txt

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Thank you for your reply.

I am looking for the output like this

Hostname Mount Points bur-filer2:/vol/vol1 /mnt/bur-filer2/vol1 bur-filer2:/vol/vol1 /mnt/bur-filer2/vol1

Instead of showing like this. ............
bur-filer2:/vol/vol1 /mnt/bur-filer2/vol1 nfs rw,defaults 0 ............
bur-filer2:/vol/vol1 /mnt/bur-filer2/vol1 nfs rw,defaults 0

Appreciate your help

Thank you
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If your system allows for it, try to suppress echo's new line char:
echo -n "$i"

or use printf omitting the \n in the format string.

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