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how to activate (script2)page of a note book in Gtk2-Perl when one script1 is run successfully...

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Hai how to activate (script2)page of a note book in Gtk2-Perl when one script1 is run successfully... Thanks kiran (1 Reply)
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Gtk2::ListItem(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				       Gtk2::ListItem(3pm)

Gtk2::ListItem - wrapper for GtkListItem DESCRIPTION
Gtk2::ListItem is the widget used for each item in a Gtk2::List. Gtk2::List and Gtk2::ListItem are deprecated; use Gtk2::TreeView and a Gtk2::ListStore instead. Gtk2::ListItem is included in Gtk2-Perl only because Gtk2::Combo contains a Gtk2::List, and Gtk2::Combo's replacement, Gtk2::ComboBox, didn't appear in gtk+ until 2.4.0. HIERARCHY
Glib::Object +----Glib::InitiallyUnowned +----Gtk2::Object +----Gtk2::Widget +----Gtk2::Container +----Gtk2::Bin +----Gtk2::Item +----Gtk2::ListItem INTERFACES
Glib::Object::_Unregistered::AtkImplementorIface Gtk2::Buildable METHODS
widget = Gtk2::ListItem->new ($label=undef) o $label (string) widget = Gtk2::ListItem->new_with_label ($label=undef) o $label (string) $list_item->deselect $list_item->select SIGNALS
select-all (Gtk2::ListItem) unselect-all (Gtk2::ListItem) toggle-focus-row (Gtk2::ListItem) undo-selection (Gtk2::ListItem) start-selection (Gtk2::ListItem) end-selection (Gtk2::ListItem) toggle-add-mode (Gtk2::ListItem) extend-selection (Gtk2::ListItem, Gtk2::ScrollType, float, boolean) scroll-vertical (Gtk2::ListItem, Gtk2::ScrollType, float) scroll-horizontal (Gtk2::ListItem, Gtk2::ScrollType, float) ENUMS AND FLAGS
enum Gtk2::ScrollType o 'none' / 'GTK_SCROLL_NONE' o 'jump' / 'GTK_SCROLL_JUMP' o 'step-backward' / 'GTK_SCROLL_STEP_BACKWARD' o 'step-forward' / 'GTK_SCROLL_STEP_FORWARD' o 'page-backward' / 'GTK_SCROLL_PAGE_BACKWARD' o 'page-forward' / 'GTK_SCROLL_PAGE_FORWARD' o 'step-up' / 'GTK_SCROLL_STEP_UP' o 'step-down' / 'GTK_SCROLL_STEP_DOWN' o 'page-up' / 'GTK_SCROLL_PAGE_UP' o 'page-down' / 'GTK_SCROLL_PAGE_DOWN' o 'step-left' / 'GTK_SCROLL_STEP_LEFT' o 'step-right' / 'GTK_SCROLL_STEP_RIGHT' o 'page-left' / 'GTK_SCROLL_PAGE_LEFT' o 'page-right' / 'GTK_SCROLL_PAGE_RIGHT' o 'start' / 'GTK_SCROLL_START' o 'end' / 'GTK_SCROLL_END' SEE ALSO
Gtk2, Glib::Object, Glib::InitiallyUnowned, Gtk2::Object, Gtk2::Widget, Gtk2::Container, Gtk2::Bin, Gtk2::Item COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003-2011 by the gtk2-perl team. This software is licensed under the LGPL. See Gtk2 for a full notice. perl v5.14.2 2012-05-27 Gtk2::ListItem(3pm)