How can I search with start and end criteria?

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Old 08-28-2013
How can I search with start and end criteria?


I'm using cygwin and wouldlike extract information from an xml file according specific values, but don't know how.

Let's say in a file content looks like this:
    CUSTOMER SINCE= 18.01.2000
    DESCRIPTION=likes red
    CUSTOMER SINCE= 18.01.2002
    PARAMETERX= anything

the block starts and ends for each customer with tab /tab but the parameter in between could be different.

e.g. I want the output of all customers which has DESCRIPITON=likes red and ADDRESS starts with B

how can I define the search for both creteria is just between the start and end parameter tab?

I hope you understand what I mean Smilie

Thanks in advance

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Old 08-28-2013
This can easy be solved by using Record Selector RS

Search for DESCRIPTION=likes red and ADDRESS=B
awk '/DESCRIPTION= *likes red/ && /ADDRESS= *B/' RS="</tab>" file

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Old 08-28-2013
You can also add an Output Record Selector ORS if you want the closing </tab> in the output:

awk '/DESCRIPTION= *likes red/ && /ADDRESS= *B/' RS="</tab>" ORS="</tab>\n" file

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