Shell script to replace output of command

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Shell script to replace output of command


I would like to write a shell script which replace particular text in output of a shell command. For example : If I execute pwd (if dir is /users/master/) it should display as - /users/Master_directory/.

Also, for generalising the script I would like to receive parameters when I run the shell script.

Help will be appreciated.

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Post how you want to run the you want something like this ?

bash# ./ "pwd" "master" "Master_directory"

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Originally Posted by rajamadhavan
Post how you want to run the you want something like this ?

bash# ./ "pwd" "master" "Master_directory"

Below is rough outline :

1. Call script with few parameters like " -firstparam One -secondparam Two"
2. In script execute a unix command lets say "cat example.txt". Original output is -
This is line number 1
This is line number 2

3. Replace data in output -
1 is replaced by One and 2 by Two

4. Displays final output -
This is line number One
This is line number Two

I hope I am clear enough
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And what have you done so far?
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