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Old 08-25-2013
I'll try:

awk '
  NR==1{                                                               # skip the header record
  NR==FNR{                                                             # when reading the file for the first time ( that is when NR equals FNR )
    B[$2]=$2+100                                                       # create a representation of the bins in the form of arrays, witch index $2 and value $2 + 100
    next                                                               # do not process the rest which is meant for the second time the file is read
  {                                                                    # process the file for the second time
    for(i in B) {                                                      # for each index in the bins
      r=i "-" B[i]                                                     # compose the string that represents the bin's range
      if ( i+0<=$2+0 && $2+0 < B[i]+0 ) print $0, r > ( "bin_" r )     # if $2 is witin the bin's range then print to the corresponding file the record and the range to the corresponding file
' OFS='\t' file file                                                   # use a tab to separate the record range. Read file twice, once for the bins second for the output.

note: If there are too many bin files, close() statements will need to added to intermediately close file, otherwise there will be "too many files open" errors.
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