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Old 08-27-2013
Originally Posted by Jotne
Did you test my new post?
Still only one xml section with sessionID.
xml section does not have same format as in post #1, and this makes it hard to split this up.
You could zip the complete file, upload it, and then post example on how you like to output.

You have two INFO line with same AId and DId, who should I use?

The output will be files, where the file names are the sessionID (AId+UID).
The files containing lines (INFO, DEBUG + XML messages) with same ID's.

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Old 08-27-2013
I did not add DEBUG, but that you can figure out from this example.

1. Read INFO lines that have AId into file t1
awk -F":|," 'FNR==NR && /INFO  - AId:/ {a[$6$8]=$0;next} END {for (i in a) print i "|" a[i]}' log >t1

2. Read all xml bulk into t2. Since I now see all your code, its easy to see that all xml starts with <?xml version and ends with </iSig>. Remeber, I dis ask you about that.
awk  '/<?xml version/ {f=1} /<\/iSig>/ {f=0;print $0 "\n" } f' log  >t2

3. Create may 1000 files with INFO and xml into file using sessionId as name.
awk -F\| 'FNR==NR {a[$1]=$2;next} FNR==1 {RS="\n\n"} { for (i in a) {if ($0~i) {print a[i] $0 > i".log";close(i".log")}}}'  t1 t2

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Old 08-27-2013
Thanks! Works great!

How can i figure this into a script?
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