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Validation of mounting and unmounting

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Validation of mounting and unmounting

Hi folks,

I have below code for unmounting, but i need validation filesystem is unmounted or not, if not it give us error. Please confirm below code or need modification. Please suggest.

umount /oradata

if [ $? -eq 0 ]

     echo "/oradata Unmounted Successfully"

     echo "Problem in umounting /oradata Please Check."

Same is for mounting purpose. Please suggest.

mount /dev/xxx/vol1 /oradata

if [ $? -eq 0 ]

     echo "/oradata mounted Successfully"

     echo "Problem in mounting /oradata Please Check."

# 2  
df -k /oradata


mount  |grep oradata

# 3  
It is for mounting or unmounting?
# 4  
You might want to use fuser -ck /mountpoint before executing umount.

That way fuser will kill the pids which are potentially holding the mountpoint and umount will work fine.

As for mounting, you can use return code ($?) to verify the mount is successful (should return zero if mount is success).

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