Date listing in a date range

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Date listing in a date range

Solaris 10

Sorry for re-hashing some of this, but I can't find a proper solution in the forums.

Starting with /a/archive containing (on and on date formatted directories)
20060313           20080518           20100725           20121015
20060314           20080519           20100726           20121107
20060315           20080520           20100727           20121109
20060316           20080521           20100728           20121115
20060317           20080522           20100729           20121130
20060318           20080523           20100730           20121218

Requirement is:

Based on start date: YYYYMMDD and end date in same format
to list out all of the dates including start and end in the whole range..

You can assume that the start and end dates are entered in this format.

The dates are actually directory names, and I need to go into each directory (in reverse date order) and issue a command while checking other certain conditions.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Basically I need to wrap the following into a loop and continue processing date directories:

## Get dates in the range??????

cd /a/archive/$DATE_CURR
stage *

## Find the number of active tape drives by user 900
ACTIVE_NUM=$(samcmd n|grep '900'|wc -l)

## Throttle if more than 3 tape drives in use by user 900
if [[ ${ACTIVE_NUM} -gt 3 ]]
    echo "Users are busy"

## Find wait time of drives for user 900
    # Get highest wait time of all drives
##    WAIT=$(samcmd n|grep '900'|awk '{print $5}'|sed -e 's/\://g'|sort|tail -1)
    TIME=$(samcmd n|grep '900'|awk '{print $5}'|sort|tail -1)
##    echo ${TIME}
    HOUR=$(echo ${TIME} | cut -f1 -d:)
##    echo ${HOUR}
    MIN=$(echo ${TIME} | cut -f2 -d:)
##    echo ${MIN}
    WAIT=$(echo "${HOUR} * 60 + ${MIN}"|bc)
##    echo ${WAIT:-444}
    # If wait time exceeds threshold, send email
    if [[ ${WAIT} -gt ${EXCEED} ]]
        MSG="$(printf "At least one tape drive has been waiting for ${WAIT} minu

$(samcmd n)"
## WAIT HERE ???

## Get number of files processing
for line in $(samcmd n | grep active | awk '{print $6}')
    TOT=$(expr ${TOT} + ${line})

##printf "Total number of files: $TOT\n\n"

# Check if limit exceeded, if so, send email recording ending spot and exit
if [[ ${TOT} -gt ${FILES} ]]
    echo "Staging Limit Exceeded"
    samcmd n|mailx -s "Staging Limit Exceeded",

And the Get dates in the range, is where I get stuck at...

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Need GNU date with -d option.

EPOCS=$(date -d "$START" +%s)
EPOCE=$(date -d "$END" +%s)

for (( i=$EPOCS; i<=$EPOCE; i=i+3600*24 ))
  date -d @$i +%Y%m%d


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