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Stty: : No such device or address

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Old 08-07-2013
Stty: : No such device or address


i am trying to execute a script through Cron, then everytime it is redirecting a message
stty: : No such device or address
Unmatched `

here is the cron entry:
35,40,45,50,55 04,05 07 08 * /uv1402/u207/home/bravodba/bestdbscript/shscriptfiles/

while the script is running pretty fine ehile running through command prompt. Please suggest.
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Old 08-07-2013
Try to call the shell instead:
35,40,45,50,55 04,05 07 08 * /path/to/sh /uv1402/u207/home/bravodba/bestdbscript/shscriptfiles/

If sh is bash, then use bash.

Oh yes. The problem is that you're no longer calling the script on a terminal making stty show that message so my suggestion above won't really help sorry. Perhaps modifying the script to work with non-terminal input and output might help.

Perhaps using a tty emulator or virtualizer like screen, expect, or ttyrec and the likes would help perhaps.
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Old 08-07-2013
i couldn't get what you are trying to say, please explain briefly
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Old 08-07-2013
When running with cron, remember that you don't actually have a terminal. If your script issues stty commands, then you will get this error. You either have to handle the error, live with it or exclude it in the cron entry.

So you could in the script find and edit lines like this:-
stty erase ^H 2>/dev/null

Check any .profile, /etc/profile and called / sourced scripts too, perhaps to include .kshrc .bash_rc or similar.

In your cron entry:-
35,40,45,50,55 04,05 07 08 * /uv1402/u207/home/bravodba/bestdbscript/shscriptfiles/ 2>&1|grep -v "^stty:"

I hope that this helps

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Old 08-07-2013
i agree, this will help me to hide stty : : no such device or address error.

but it seems to me that actual error is coming while establishing the connection and when it finds ` symbol. here is the initial code of my script.


stty erase ^H 2>/dev/null

`sqlplus -s $ORACLE_USER/$ORACLE_PASS@$ORACLE_SID   << EOF > sql_output.txt
                select count(*) from bravo_statistics
                where trunc(time_stamp)=trunc(sysdate)
                and description in ('BEGIN NIT','END MR');

and i have modified cron as per above suggestion.
20,25,30,35,40,44,50,55 04,05,6 07 08 * /uv1402/u207/home/bravodba/bestdbscript/shscriptfiles/  2>&1|gr
ep -v "^stty:"

it is a .sh extension script, so please let me know what needs to be corrected here?
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Old 08-07-2013
Why are you using backquotes to execute SQLPlus? That's quite pointless. SQLPlus is already executable.

You could also just check for the terminal type in your profile / script:

$ echo $TERM

$ crontab -l
* * * * * echo $TERM > /tmp/TERM.txt


$ cat /tmp/TERM.txt

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Old 08-07-2013
everything was working properly when i was trying to run the script manually, but now i have removed ` sign from sqlplus
sqlplus -s $ORACLE_USER/$ORACLE_PASS@$ORACLE_SID   << EOF > sql_output.txt
                select count(*) from bravo_statistics
                where trunc(time_stamp)=trunc(sysdate)
                and description in ('BEGIN NIT','END MR');
big_cnt=`sed -n '4p' sql_output.txt`
if [ $big_cnt -eq 0 ] ; then

and it is giving below error now:

stty: : No such device or address
stty: : No such device or address
big_cnt=0: Command not found
big_cnt: Undefined variable

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