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Using regex's from file1, print line and line after matches in file2

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Using regex's from file1, print line and line after matches in file2
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Old 08-02-2013
Using regex's from file1, print line and line after matches in file2

Good day,

I have a list of regular expressions in file1. For each match in file2, print the containing line and the line after.

I can match a regex and print the line and line after
awk '{lines[NR] = $0} /Macrosiphum_rosae/ {print lines [NR]; print lines [NR-1]} '

And I found code online to print lines in file2 based on matches in file1 (untested by me)
awk 'NR==FNR{a[$0]=1;next} {n=0;for(i in a){if($0~i){n=1}}} n' file1 file2

But I'm looking for help in combining the two if anyone would be so kind.

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I was able to solve this.

awk 'NR==FNR{a[$0]=1;next} {n=0;for(i in a){if($0~i){n=1}}} n {print;getline;print}' file1 file2

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Old 08-02-2013
If you're using GNU grep, you can try this:
grep -A1 -f file1 file2

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