Need to add a date column (today's date) in file

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Old 07-20-2013
Need to add a date column (today's date) in file


I have file with number status and date1 and date1 field,

want add a column today between column date1 and date2.


number status  date1  date2  
=====  ====   ===      ===== 
34567 open 27/06/13 28/06/13 
45678 open 27/06/13 28/06/13 
43567 open 27/06/13 28/06/13 
24578 open 28/06/13 28/06/13 
45890 open 28/06/13 28/06/13 
43599 open 27/06/13 28/06/13 
25578 open 28/06/13 28/06/13 
51890 open 28/06/13 28/06/13

desire file

number status  date1    today     date2  
=====  ====   ===  ==         ===== 
34567 open 27/06/13   20/7/13      28/06/13 
45678 open 27/06/13   20/7/13      28/06/13 
43567 open 27/06/13   20/7/13      28/06/13 
24578 open 28/06/13   20/7/13      28/06/13 
45890 open 28/06/13   20/7/13      28/06/13 
43599 open 27/06/13   20/7/13      28/06/13 
25578 open 28/06/13   20/7/13      28/06/13 
51890 open 28/06/13   20/7/13      28/06/13

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Old 07-20-2013
awk 'BEGIN{"date +%d/%m/%y"|getline d}NR==1{$3=$3" today"}NR==2{$3=$3" =="}NR>2{$3=$3" "d}1' file

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