Example of running script with time limits?

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Old 07-18-2013
Example of running script with time limits?


I want to write a script that does some sort of health check on the database. It will query the database for information, some query takes long and some are quick.

For example, inside the script I will do something as below:


run_query_01 &
run_query_02 &
run_query_03 &
run_query_04 &



Reason why I want the run_query to run in the background/& is so that the script finishes quickly. I need some guidance though on how do I implement run_query_check_output.

At the moment, I am thinking each run_query in the background will create a .end file before it exits and run_query_check_output will check if this file exists or not, if it exists then the query has finished, if not, check again and wait until it find a .end file.for each run

The other thing I want to be able to check though is to put a time limit of the run of each run_query that I ran in the background. For example, if one runs for more than 15 minutes, I want it to be killed or maybe it can kill itself. Is this possible to implement? Or maybe I should spawn another script that runs in the background too that checks how long each run_query script in the background has been running? How do I check how long each background script has been running so far though? Smilie

Does anyone has an example of what I am wanting to do? Please advise.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 07-18-2013
One approach is to use kill -0 to track the existence of the background process in the process table.

$ cat tmp.sh

while [ $exited -eq 0 ];do
    sleep 1
    kill -0 $tmp_1_pid  

echo container finished

$ cat tmp1.sh

sleep 5
echo tmp 1 finished

$ . tmp.sh
tmp 1 finished
[2]-  Done                    ./tmp1.sh
-bash: kill: (6308) - No such process
container finished

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