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UNIX/Perl script to call informatica source counts

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Old 07-12-2013
UNIX/Perl script to call informatica source counts

Hi Guys,
I am trying below condition .
We are using Informatica 9.5 and scheduling certain informatica mapping on set timings .But we are not sure whether the database source table are latest or not .Since its gets updated on daily basis and not sure when it completes.Can we write any unix/perl script to access the database for those source systems. some logic to check counts/etc
and do certain checks based on which scheduling can be planned .

Also there are no source columns related to runday date for particular runs to identify latest data .

For ex: On july 12 --source should have 11th july data .

Please suggest some ideas if any perl or unix script be used
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Old 07-18-2013
Every database engine has a command line tool, but if it is not free on the host you want to use it on, you can get free JDBC jars and use xigole jisql or the like to access the data, and then a shell can examine it. Of course, you need to know the host, port, id, pw, database name, etc. to log in on any tool, and have network access, and not violate corporate standards.

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