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[solved] awk: test assoc. array for content

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting [solved] awk: test assoc. array for content
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[solved] awk: test assoc. array for content

Hi all,

I am looking for a quick/short way in awk to check if an associative array has any content.
I know I can split() it to an indexed array and check if the 1st element is set, or cycle through it with something like for( ele in arr ), but I want to avoid that, as I am looking for a shorter option.

If possible, I don't want to cycle through elements (I do not know what contents will be in there though or what key names will be used) - I would like to straight test.

Any ideas?

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Considering the number of views of the thread and that I couldn't find anything in the documentations, I assume there is nothing like that. Meanwhile I just increased a hit-counter variable and check if it is set like:
/somepattern/ { hit_cnt[$3]++ }
          ## Anything to process?
          for( anything in hit_cnt ){

          if( start ){

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Hello zaxxon,

perl/python provide a function to determine the length of an array. I did a quick search for something similar and found this link.

Posix does not define a way to get the length of an array...
Some awk implementations (gnu awk, true awk) allow you to use length on an array
I'm sure you would have come across these theories in your search... but just a re-iteration for discussion/documentation sake.

In case you stumble upon something better, it would be good to know that too. Thanks.
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Hi balajesuri,
thanks for the info! Indeed, length(hit_cnt) works for me since I am using GNU awk.

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