Handle null values-awk

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Handle null values-awk

I am using below code to validate the source file,code working fine but if any column contains null value then below code throwing error actually it should not.how to customize the below code to handle null null values also.

When I run the script with below source data getting “date error”, as there is null value in first row its throwing error.

1«vivek«0861«CSE«2013-05-29 00:00:00
10«viv«4566«egdte«2013-05-10 00:00:00

date-err 10«viv«456786«ece«

awk -F«  '
       $5!~/^[0-9]{0,4}-[0-9]{0,2}-[0-9]{0,2} [0-9]{0,2}:[0-9]{0,2}:[0-9]{0,2}$/{f="date-err"}
       {print f,$0}
       ' $dummy_file

please suggest me how to customize the code.
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It's not throwing an error when I run it with the records you provided. Not sure if it's something with the delimiter that it throwing it off (doesn't look like a normal character "c").

If I understand your question, you can add an AND operator to exclude the nulls like this:

&& $1!=""

For example:
$1!~/[^0-9.]{1,2}$/ && $1!="" {f="s-err"} {print f,$0} '

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Try to or in the empty string into the regex:
       $5 !~ /^$|^[0-9]...
                ^--- regex OR sign
              ^^--- empty string

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