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Regex for filename in grep

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Old 07-01-2013
Regex for filename in grep

I want to print the filename


I wan to search the keyword in all the sql files and the output shoul dbe filename:count

grep -iwc "$keyword" *.$ftype | grep -v ":0$"

But the output does not dispaly the filename which contains space as below.

Samlefakering v 13.6.08.sql

So i was trying to modify the command as below , but it is not working.

grep -iwc "$keyword"  ?+[. ]*.$ftype | grep -v ":0$"

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Old 07-01-2013
What is not working? Are you sure to present the correct files to grep? Are you sure the contain your keyword? Why don't you post meaningful error msgs?
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Old 07-01-2013
The error im getting is as below.

bash-3.00$ keyword="XXTNL_AVSKRIV2ING"
bash-3.00$ ftype="wft"
bash-3.00$ grep -iwc "$keyword" ?+[. ]*.$ftype | grep -v ":0$"
grep: can't open ?+[.
grep: can't open ]*.wft
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Old 07-01-2013
Don't forget that we are dealing with shell's pattern matching, not regex matching as used in sed, awk, etc. Why wouldn't your first code work?
grep -iwc "$keyword" *.$ftype
Samlefakering v 13.6.08.sql:0
Samlefakering v 23.6.08.sql:0

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Old 07-01-2013 seems there is problem in the other part of the code where i am extarcting the basename...i will correct that..Thank you for pointing this.

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