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Running command using SSH

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Old 06-28-2013
Running command using SSH

Hi All,

I am trying to run my script using ssh. Below is the code snippet

ssh username@useipapd03 'bash -s'
#To ensure If JMSdirectory exists or not
if [ -d /opt/shared -a -w /opt/shared/data/jms ] 
echo "JMS mounts................exist'>>OutputResult.txt
echo "JMS mounts................not exist">>OutputResult.txt

It is not working. Could you please suggest me how to run the SSH command using above code?
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Old 06-28-2013
your issue is that the script is checking for the directories on the local server ...
ssh -n user@host "hostname;[ -d /opt/shared -a -w /opt/shared/data/jms ] && echo 'JMS mounts exist' || echo 'JMS mounts do not exist'" >> OutputResult.txt

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Old 06-28-2013
Thanks Just Ice,

One question, Is this command log the OutputResult.txt on the local server?

Thats what I can see after running the command.

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Hi Just Ice,

One more help, how to put below snippet of code for making it work for SSH command

CLECount=$(ps -ef |grep ELINKDEV |grep CLE |grep -v grep| wc -l)
PurgeDataCount=$(ps -ef |grep ELINKDEV |grep PurgeData |grep -v grep| wc -l)
if [[ "$CLECOUNT" = "3" && "$PurgeDataCount" = "1" ]]
echo "CLE Components................Running">>OutputResult.txt
echo "CLE Components................Not Running">>OutputResult.txt

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Old 06-28-2013
the ssh command as written writes the log file locally so access to the log file is quicker ... you can always leave the log file on the remote server by moving the >> OutputResult.txt within the double-quotes of the ssh command ...
ssh -n user@host "some_test && echo ok || echo not_ok >> OutputResult.txt"  # <-- logfile on local server

ssh -n user@host "some_test && echo ok || echo not_ok" >> OutputResult.txt  # <-- logfile on remote server

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Old 06-28-2013
Thanks again expert.

I have written like
ssh -n username@useipapd03 "hostname; Count=$(ps -ef |grep ELINKDEV |grep Purge |grep -v grep| wc -l); PurgeDataCount=$(ps -ef |grep ELINKDEV |grep PurgeData |grep -v grep| wc -l) && echo '$COUNT'" >> OutputResult.txt

In the OutputResult am not able to see the $Count value through script where in command promt am getting the count value as 1.

ps -ef |grep ELINKDEV |grep Purge |grep -v grep| wc -l

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Old 06-28-2013
when you have more than a few commands to run, it is better to put it in a script ... scp the script to the remote server, run it via ssh and delete remote copy so you do not have to maintain more than one copy ...
scp -p /dir/script user@host:/tmp/script
ssh -n user@host "hostname; /tmp/script; rm /tmp/script" > /dir/log

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Old 06-28-2013
Thanks again.But than the issue will be log file will generate on remote servers. Suppose i have to execute the same script on differnt 5 servers than log file will be generated 5 times and user have to look into 5 differnt files to know the results. My requirement is to execute the script from local server and get the results also in one single file at local server.Something like below
ssh -n user@host1 "some_test && echo ok || echo not_ok >> OutputResult.txt" 
ssh -n user@host2"some_test && echo ok || echo not_ok >> OutputResult.txt" 
ssh -n user@host3 "some_test && echo ok || echo not_ok >> OutputResult.txt"

But I do have some little bit of logic also in between.

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