Shell script to add root element and remove to make it good

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Wrench Shell script to add root element and remove to make it good

Hi All,

I have a situation to parse a file with following limitations:

2) The XML is not proper as it has no fix root tag rather have multiple XML in a single XML. or you can say multiple root elements.

This file will be huge in size. So before i think of some good solution to parse it, i am looking for manipulate the xml by adding root element and deleting repeated below tags as it's a combination of XMLs.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<!DOCTYPE example [<!ENTITY copy "&#xA9;">]>

So do anyone know how can i do this in shell script.

I am also thinking of splitting this before parsing using Java.

If anyone had this situation before, let me know.

Thanks for help..

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Well, if the XML is very well behaved text, you can use text tools like sed or awk to adjust it.
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