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Switching shells in UNIX Scripts

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Old 11-10-2005
Switching shells in UNIX Scripts


Newbie here to scripting in UNIX/SOLARIS.
What I am looking to do is, once the script is
executed, switch to /bin/bash shell and continue
to execute the script.

The problem I run into is once the script switches to the Bash
shell, the script stops, and does not execute the remainder of the script.

Script looks like:

/bin/bash to switch to Bash shell

Then the remaider of the script to execute

Anyone know how I can switch shells in a script and still have the script execute the lines below the switch?

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Old 11-10-2005
I doubt you can switch the shell in the middle of a script.

Why do you want to switch ?

the shells have similiar constructs save for a few ones.

Anyway, you can compile the second part of the script as a new script which runs in bash and invoke that.

#! /bin/ksh
# commands 
# which 
# runs 
# in 
# the 
# ksh 
# shell
. ./script-that-requires-bash


script-that-requires-bash is

#! /bin/bash
# commands 
# which 
# runs 
# in 
# the 
# bash
# shell

If you export any variables in the ksh script, there is a chance that the inner script might not be able to see it. It depends on the way you invoke the ksh script.
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Old 11-10-2005
Thanks for the tip.
Reason for going to Bash is because if I don't I get errors using
wildcard (*) with the gzip command...not sure why...

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