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OSX read silent with prompt

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Old 06-20-2013
Question OSX read silent with prompt

A minor nitpick, but I cannot get a statement like:

read -s -n 1 -p "Say Y or N here" -e ANS

to actually hush the response. If I don't use the -p option, the response is silent. With it, I always see the response, and I've tried putting the -s in different spots. Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?
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Old 06-20-2013
i do not understand the need not to see the response as it seems it is not that important enough to hide like you would a password ...

anyways, if you really do not want to see the user response -- see "man stty" ...
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Old 06-20-2013
What happens when you drop the -e option?

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