Couple of easy questions for experts on awk/sed

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Old 06-05-2013
Couple of easy questions for experts on awk/sed

Hello Experts..
I have 3-4 C codes with Oracle SQL statements embedded. All the SQL statements starts with EXEC SQL keyword and ends with ;. I want to extract all the SQL statements out of these codes.
I did awk '/^[ ]EXEC SQL/,/\;/' inputFile (I use this on all of the codes individually). That worked fine. I have couple of questions:

1. How to make searching in awk (non GNU) a case insensitive affair? EXEC SQL or exec sql should both be selected.
2. All the tables starts with "T_". How can I make all the tables upper case ones? E.g. t_table should become T_TABLE in output.

Thanks in advance !

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I guess I got answer to 1st questions:
I can do something like this:
[Ee][Xx][Ee][cC] [sS][qQ][Ll]. Smilie

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Old 06-05-2013
You could also use awk string functions tolower or toupper:
awk 'tolower($0) ~ /exec sql/' file

awk 'toupper($0) ~ /EXEC SQL/' file

These functions can be used for your 2nd problem as well.
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Old 06-05-2013
Yoda, that is awesome. Didn't knew that there are such functions in awk Smilie
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